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The best way to get started is by booking your first Healing Session. We’ll listen to your story and assess how we can help you move forward so that you can heal.

Our space is located inside of the beautiful Midway Arts building in the historic city of Coatesville.

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How do I schedule my first visit?

Click Schedule a Healing Session. Simply choose your day and time and your first appointment is booked. We will call you to confirm your appointment and help you with your initial paperwork.

How long will my session be?

Your first visit will be about 15 minutes as we will go over your health concerns. Subsequent appointments which include your adjustment will only be a couple of minutes. 

What should I expect during a session?

The Zone Technique balances the six brain centers that monitor and regulate the six major systems in your body. Balancing these systems allows them to heal and function normally again.

Each visit begins with determining which brain center needs balancing that day. Once determined, the brain center has different levels in the spinal cord that will need to be stimulated. Once the spinal cord is gently stimulated, the brain resets back to balance and healing will begin in body.

How long will it take me to heal?

A balanced body will always heal. Depending on your case, that might take several weeks for you to completely heal.

How much does a session normally cost?

New Patient sessions start at $150. (includes consult, exam, first zone adjustment) The normal cost for subsequent sessions is $60 per session.

*We also offer discounted packages for conditions that require more attention to resolve.

Do I have to commit to life-long care?

No. We will help you heal and achieve your desired results and once you completely heal, you can choose to tune up your body to feel and function great.

Do you take insurance?

No. Feel free to call or email our team with any questions related to cost.