Dr. Tony Miller and his children sitting in the grass smiling.

About Dr. Tony

This is the section where I would normally share my hobbies, what foods I like, all of my educational backgrounds and credentials and maybe show a picture of my diplomas hanging on the wall.

And from me to you, that doesn’t really matter right now.

The reality in my life is this: If my kids were sick, if my wife was sick or if my mother was sick…I would want them to heal.

That is what I would want. Not anything else.

I want the same for you.

You're here because you mostly likely are struggling with your health and you want healing.. That is what I wanted years ago struggling with symptoms and sickness no one could figure out. That is what my wife wanted when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and no one in mainstream healthcare could offer options to truly help her.

My work is years of passion and discovery so that my family and your family can be on a path of true health and healing. One that we all deserve while we walk on this earth.

It breaks my heart to see how many people are struggling with their health, many times being led astray by a mainstream healthcare system that only aims to cover up or mask symptoms with medications and drugs and not by getting to the root cause, when truly helping someone heal from within is actually what is needed.

You will find that the words and stories on this page will inspire you to feel what is possible for you but reading them will only do so much. My work with patients in Zone Healing is where the stories and ideas of what’s possible become your healing experience.

My passion and my purpose is to show you what is possible. To show you that healing from within is normal and that the expression of perfect health is possible for you and your life.

Dr. Tony Miller 

Dr. Tony performing and adjustment with a patient.

Our approach to healing

We are a health studio devoted to providing each patient with personalized healing. We accomplish this with the Zone Healing technique.

Zone Healing is a form of care designed to balance your brain so your body can heal. The human brain has six centers that form in the embryonic stage of development that when in perfect balance are responsible for healing and your expression of health.

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Optimal health is expressed by being in a state of balance. Any imbalances in one or more of your brain centers can lead to illness, sickness, and dis-ease.

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