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By balancing the body, you can heal from pain, headaches, poor digestion, low energy or fatigue, poor sleep, hormonal imbalances, anxiety and depression, and a weak immune system.

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Healing from anxiety, autoimmune struggles, crohn’s disease, ibs, hormonal imbalance, poor digestion, high blood pressure, chronic pain, depression, and so much more.

Real Stories, Real Results


“We started seeing Dr. Tony a year ago. I cannot express enough how thankful we are. Not only are Sam and Thomas happier and doing great we are happier as a family. We get to enjoy playing with them and they get to enjoy happy parents. I can not say thank you enough - thank you for giving me my babies back.”


hormonal imbalance, poor digestion, anxiety

“I am not sure where to start! Quite simply put, being under Dr. Tony’s care has given our family the gift of total wellness. Everyone in our family has had great success with the management and treatment of a multitude of health issues, from ear infections, ADHD, digestive troubles, poor sleep patterns, food and seasonal allergies, hormonal imbalances, stress and anxiety...the list goes on! Whenever we do happen to get sick, we are able to fight our illnesses quickly and naturally. Life Potential Chiropractic is truly one of the best investments we have ever made for our family. Thank you!


high blood pressure

“Holy Moly .....went to my 'other' doctor today for implant bloodwork and she said my BP is 140/79. WHAT?  I've been medicated for 15 years and I think Dr. Tony is doing his magic again!  Total shock.  No meds.  Happy Dance.”


autoimmune, crohn's diesease, anxiety

“Dr. Tony and Emily are fantastic humans and really care about your well-being! Such a positive and heart-warming environment to be in! I've been going to them for around 4 months now and my anxiety has improved significantly, my confidence/self-esteem is gradually getting back to a better place, and my immune system has been feeling absolutely fantastic.”


chronic pain

“Love Dr. Tony and his team! I have suffered from chronic pain since the age of 14 and all my medical doctor and the hospitals would do for me is give more pills. Chiropractic changed all of that for me and now I am pain and medication free! Highly recommend this practice!”


poor sleep, high blood pressure, anxiety
“Dr. Tony is a rare find in the world today. He is an excellent listener and has your best interest and optimal health in mind. In one short month, I feel more well rested and clear minded then I have in years. I was also able to discontinue use of my blood pressure medication! Dr. Tony gave me a new perspective on what it means to be truly healthy. I am very grateful for his presence in the community.”


ibs autoimmune

“Dr. Tony is truly committed to health evidenced in his own life and his family and bringing cutting edge health and wellness science to his  patients. He has definitely helped me get back on track after dealing with prolonged digestive disorders. I recommend him highly.”


depression, anxiety

“My daughter, my husband and I have improved our quality of life individually and as a family. I have come off all of my medications for depression, ADD & anxiety. My daughter who has ADHD, Autism and SPD has made tremendous progress just by chiropractic adjustments and we avoided having to put her on any medication. My husbands overall health dramatically improved. To anyone (especially parents) out there looking for help - you MUST give this a chance, you have nothing to lose - take YOUR life back!”


hormonal imbalance, anxiety

“I came to Dr. Tony for acne that I had been stuck with for around 10 years or so. After trying literally everything to get rid of it..creams, pills, lasers, peels, acupuncture, etc, I can finally say that my acne is under control, and for the most part, gone! Even through life's stressors, my skin continues to improve. I'm simply amazed with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Tony!”


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"Dr. Tony is fantastic, He is incredibly knowledgeable and insightful. I have learned a lot from him. I highly recommend seeing him."

Alex E.

"I absolutely love my experience with Dr. Tony and Emily and Gabe and Gus. The most loving people I have ever met. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Not to mention that Dr. Tony knows what he’s doing. I would recommend them to anybody and everybody."

Iris M.

"My sweet boy is happy and rested and enjoying life at a brand new school with all new classmates and teachers. My whole family is getting more rest and peace of mind. Thank you, LPC!"

Ashley P.

Dr. Tony Miller and his children sitting in the grass smiling.

Our approach to healing

We are a health studio devoted to providing each patient with personalized healing. We accomplish this with the Zone Healing technique.

Zone Healing is a form of care designed to balance your brain so your body can heal. The human brain has six centers that form in the embryonic stage of development that when in perfect balance are responsible for healing and your expression of health.

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Optimal health is expressed by being in a state of balance. Any imbalances in one or more of your brain centers can lead to illness, sickness, and dis-ease.

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