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We started seeing Dr Tony a year ago. I can not express enough how thankful we are. Not only are Sam and Thomas happier and doing great we are happier as a family. We get to enjoy playing with them and they get to enjoy happy parents. I can not say thank you enough - thank you for giving me my babies back.


high blood pressure

Holy Moly .....went to my 'other' doctor today for implant bloodwork and she said my BP is 140/79. WHAT? I've been medicated for 15 years and I think Dr. Tony is doing his magic again!  Total shock. No meds. Happy Dance.


anxiety, seizures

Dr. Tony has literally been a God send!!! I spent years trying to help my 7 year old sort his feelings and emotions and felt like I was just moving backwards. Numerous tests, several diagnosis's that had me scratching my head and medication I didn't want my child on. I felt like I had nothing to lose by contacting Life Potential Chiropractic, and boy how it has changed our lives!!! My son would have major meltdowns, that would last for hours and result in him banging his head against the wall and trying to harm himself, telling him "no" would send him into a downward spiral and he was nasty to his siblings. We met with Dr. Tony and came up with his care plan and he explained everything to my husband and I and for the first time it all made sense!!! I could understand why things that seemed so microscopic to me were suck a big deal to my son. After a week of being adjusted I noticed my first O.M.GEEEE moment, my older son was trying to antagonize Tucker and whereas before Tucker would have blown a gasket, he looked at my son and simply said "you are not bothering me!!" and walked away from the situation. When I tell him no he says ok, and he isn't constantly loud and obnoxious. He said when we pulled up to the office "I love coming here!" He may not be totally aware what is happening inside his little mind but he knows he feels so much better!!! I am so hopeful and excited for this little guys future, and can't wait to see what the future holds for my little man.



My son has been seeing Dr Tony for a year now. The improvements have been incredible. There are so many things that I wanted him to treat but first and foremost was his asthma. He has not used his nebulizer in almost a year which is huge! His confidence is growing daily. He doesn’t get frustrated and quit. He’s following through and seeing results. I could go on and on. Dr Tony is kind, compassionate, and caring. To find a doctor who truly cares about your child’s well being is rare. I can’t thank you enough. We are so grateful for the support and great care at Life Potential.


anxiety, crohn's disease

Dr. Tony and Emily are fantastic humans and really care about your well-being! Such a positive and heart-warming environment to be in! I've been going to them for around 4 months now and my anxiety has improved significantly, my confidence/self-esteem is gradually getting back to a better place, and my immune system has been feeling absolutely fantastic.


sleep struggles

I was at a point in my life where I had given up on ever getting a full night's sleep. It had been over 5 years since I slept straight through the night (and that is not a dramatization!). From the time he was born Ramsey never slept. For the first 2 years of his life he was up every hour during the night every single night. Nothing was wrong with him, he just didn't sleep! This improved some with age, but the problem still remained. It didn't matter how much I tired him out. I tried countless remedies from diet to strict schedules and nothing mattered. I finally surrendered to saying that he would outgrow it. But with the birth of our third son, it was disheartening to realize that our newborn was sleeping better than our 5 year old! This spilled over into our own lives and the stress that was created with the lack of sleep in our home. Tension was an everyday thing. Quality time as a couple that was not shadowed by the impending doom that we would be interrupted multiple times was lacking at best. Everything seemed to revolve around sleep in a very negative way. I attended a workshop for Life Potential Chiropractic and was immediately sold. I knew this was what my son needed. But I was still skeptical. How could this really be the the fix? Ramsey started sleeping through the night immediately. We were stunned! Fast forward to 4 months later and his night time wakings are a thing of the past. He goes to bed and sleeps through the night EVERY NIGHT!!!! I am so much more relaxed when I say good night to my boys. I am able to relax and spend time with my husband without feeling the anxiety of knowing we will be interrupted. I am so glad that I followed my instincts and sought out help for Ramsey. To say that our home life has benefitted from the care Ramsey receives at Life Potential Chiropractic is a huge understatement! I remember when I was sharing with family that I was looking into doing this and they looked at me confused saying that Ramsey wasn't that bad. And that was true, Ramsey wasn't that bad he behaved like a normal five year old boy for the most part on the outside but dealing with him at night and at home was wrecking me. I had reached my absolute limit and could not handle the stress or exhaustion anymore. Looking back the only thing I wish was that we found Dr. Tony sooner!


aNxiety, poor concentration & focus

We sought Dr Tony out for help when our son was at a point of a huge transition...high school. Before starting with Dr Tony, my son’s therapies were mostly contrived situations and reactive. Dr Tony takes the time to explain behaviors from my son’s perspective and explains how his brain is functioning in those stressful situations. Since starting care, we have noticed some change already. He can focus for longer periods of time, he WANTS to engage more and more even in loud and unpredictable situations. He is starting ,at times, to take a minute to stop and think and adjust his words or behavior before that UH OH! moment. He also seems all around happier.  Which is so wonderful to see! We are excited to see our son’s amazing personality and potential shine through more and more!


anxiety, sleep struggles

Dr. Tony has been amazing.  My 4 year old son was struggling with increasing anxiety every time we left the house. It started with school or anywhere he would go without Mom or Dad but it quickly turned into meltdowns at the thought of going anywhere, even places he enjoyed. His sleep has literally been a mess since his premature birth. Dr. Tony had answers to all of my questions and gave me hope that my son could live more calmly and more rested and overall be a happier boy. After about a month of adjustments, my son started sleeping through the night for 3-4 nights in a row (formally we were lucky if he slept through 1-2 times a month) and his anxiety with leaving the house was significantly improved. Now we are at almost the 2 month mark and his sleep has continued to improve and his anxiety is almost nonexistent. My sweet boy is happy and rested and enjoying life at a brand new school with all new classmates and teachers. My whole family is getting more rest and peace of mind. 


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